March Minutes

                            KCDS Board Meeting Minutes


                                    March 1, 2017


1.     Meeting called to order at 6:32pm

2.     Members present:

 Jennifer Heck,  Kim Hawkins, Deborah Johnson, Wendy McGraw, Chrissie Simpson, Kathy O’Brien, Alexis Losey, Jackie Maloney, Linda McCormick, Angie Cumberford, Cindy Neumann, Lisa Crick, Kindra Wilson, Kahley Fiala


3.     February 2017 meeting minutes approved.


4.     Topics for Vote:

a.      Approved changes to Show Secretary Contract. Late and change fees will be retained by the Show Secretary

b.     Approved revised budget as circulated by Jackie via email

c.      Awards Committee proposed to eliminate Rider Medallion award as it is too difficult to track. Suggestion was made to have rider submit application. Decision tabled until April meeting

d.     Approved Bookkeeper Service Agreement as circulated to the board.


5.     Education:


a.      Bylaws require two grassroots educational events per year. A scribing seminar has been proposed for March 25th or 26th and will be led by Debbie Davenport and Kathy Childs. Time and location TBD.  A dressage practice day is scheduled for April 15th  at Landers Farm. Details and application will be added to the Constant Contact.




6.     Horseshow Committee:

a.      2017 May Show

i.                    Derby Party – Each competitor gets one dinner ticket.  Tickets for non-competitors will be sold at the show office. There is a need for assistance setting up tables and chairs prior to the start of the party.

ii.                 Participation in the Longview Pavilion was discussed. Decision was tabled until April meeting.

iii.               Championship Schooling  Show is scheduled for Oct. 15th at Longview.

b.     2018 Judges

i.                    A Region 4 Google doc has been created for the purpose of sharing which judges have been booked for shows in an attempt to eliminate duplicate judges for the region.  Form is now online on the Region 4 website.

ii.                 Chrissie has a list of potential judges for the 2018 shows which was distributed to the Horse Show Committee for input/decision making.


7.     Volunteer:

a.      Linda proposes to have a form online for self-reporting of non-horse show volunteer hours.

b.     New volunteer positions which she would like to see are: greeter, show office assistant, roving reporter/photographer.

c.      It has been suggested that each show have a designated board member who will be on call for the duration of the show.


8.     Communications:

a.      Jennifer requested that a communications committee be formed to research re-designing  the website. Chrissie Simpson, Cindy Neumann, and Angie Cumberford agreed to be on the committee  to research the following:

i.                    Cost to renovate the current website

ii.                 Research an online format for the monthly extension

iii.               Ways to make the Facebook page more active and investigate a possible KCDS Instagram account

iv.               It has been brought to the boards attention that the website has several technical issues, including continued difficulty linking to Pay Pal from the website

9.     Awards:

a.      Discussion re: horse show prizes.

i.                    Kayley would like to give each competitor a nice “swag bag” and reduce the amount of money spent on 1st place prizes and possibly eliminate FEI high point awards as we have lost our sponsor for those. The feeling is that we can reach more competitors and potentially boost entries for future shows.



Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm