2017 July Show Roving Reporter

Quadrille Freestyle Demonstration Participants

Quadrille Freestyle Demonstration Participants

KCDS Summer Dressage Show I & II

Longview Horse Park

July 15-16, 2017

Roving Reporter – Maggie Stonecipher

We were blessed with a great weekend for showing given it was July in Kansas City!  Congrats to the High Point riders:

    Saturday                                                  Sunday
Amateur Adult    Cindy Kimber              Yvette Taylor
JR/Yr    Joslyn Allen                                 Averi Allen
Open    Jessica Brack                             Jessica Brack
FEI    Jonni Allen                                       Jonni Allen

And we had several riders complete USDF Medals.  Sorry if I missed anyone but congrats to

·         Doreen Hann – Bronze Medal

·         Miriam Terry – Bronze Medal

Having been involved in KCDS since 2000 and serving on the board for more than a decade, I’d like to focus on the behind the scene events that really highlight what a dedicated and fantastic organization we have supporting our dressage community.  KCDS has had its expected highs and lows through our 4+ decade history but at our core is the ongoing dedication of the people who step up to make KCDS run and events happen year in and year out.  It really takes a village to bring a dressage show together and work started weeks prior to the show.

This year KCDS organized several educational events held throughout the weekend so that we can learn more about dressage outside the classes we normally see at a show.  One of those events as the Quadrille demonstration.  I personally had never given much thought to a Quadrille but I had the opportunity to watch the Quadrille demonstration ‘in the making’ while attending Adult Camp at Wally Woo Farms. 

Prior to the camp, Jana Wagner choreographed the Quadrille taking into consideration the skill levels of the riders and horses on the team.  The riders were Jana, Karen Atwill, Jessica Brack and Carrie Gordon.  The first day of camp, and in between Jana teaching 8 lessons and campers taking two lessons, the team went through the Quadrille on foot.  In 97 degree heat and simulating walk-trot-canter!  They worked out timing and tweaked the choreography.  As I watched this practice all I could think was how glad I was that when asked if I wanted to be in the Quadrille that I declined!

But the team persevered that first day and then did the same practice session on foot the second day; in the same 97 degree heat.  But this second time you could see the excitement building and each adding input to the choreography.  Emily Miles watched these sessions and started to put together the music to match. 

The 3rd day was the first mounted session with Emily coaching the team on another hot, humid day, between Jana and Emily each teaching 8 lessons and the riders taking two lessons a day.  This session had many laughs and tweaks to the choreography as what was developed on foot was entirely different on horses!

Day 4 brought the introduction of music and more laughs as what was developed on foot, then on horseback was now different with music!  And many more laughs and tweaks as the team now had to not only remember the choreography but now had to include the timing to flow with the music.  I was so taken by how much fun the team was having even in the heat and now fatigue setting in after 2 lessons a day at camp.  And I actually had a small tweak of wishing I had said yes to being part of the team. 

Day 5 was again riding the Quadrille to music with Emily continuing to coach the team.  This day brought a higher level of demand to get the Quadrille ready to showcase at the KCDS Education Event at the July show.  The tone of the practice moved from an element of fun to one of getting ready to present the Quadrille at Longview!  I was so struck by the time, effort and energy the team was putting forth to showcase the beauty and skill of a Quadrille. 

We all gathered at Longview on Friday for the KCDS show…..the team except for Carrier was also competing at the show and had to school and get ready to show.  Carrie brought out the team’s costumes and the small tweak I had about participating went out the window!  The costumes were sparkly with bling, fringe and beautiful.  Carrie had coordinated the costumes for each rider with earrings, long gloves and head pieces. 

Before these riders ever entered the ring to showcase their Quadrille, there was a cumulative minimum of 50 hours put into getting there!!  And their Quadrille demonstration went off without a hitch because of all that hard work.  I was so impressed by what went into a Quadrille worthy of the show ring.  I wish we had more competitive Quadrille in our shows but also know why we don’t……the time required is just more than what most can dedicate to the process. 

A HUGE thank you to Jana, Karen, Jessica and Carrie for showing us that it can also be a fun process and truly adds an element of “team’ to our traditionally solo sport.     



Olympian Allison Brock Coming to KCDS!

Allison Brock Image.jpg

KCDS is excited to host a dressage symposium with Bronze medal Olympian Allison Brock.  Allison will teach 8 lessons per day. To fairly serve all of our members, KCDS will hold a lottery drawing to select riders.  Rider applications are due November 10th.  All riders must be KCDS members for 2018. Allison loves teaching riders of all ages and ability but we request that horse and rider be training level or above. Rider sessions will be $300 a day. Auditing is $20 a day for KCDS Members and $35 per day for Non KCDS members.

Application here.


Reminder for May Show Entries

The Closing Date for the May 6-7 Show entries is April 25 so make sure you get those in to avoid any late fees! We are very excited to have Jazzy B's, a local vendor, to be on-site providing food for purchase. We will also be having our traditional Derby Party on Saturday evening after the rides are over. NEW SYSTEM: one ticket per entered horse will be included in each check-in packet as admission to the Derby Party. Additional tickets can be purchased at the show in the office or at the tent for $15 each on Friday or Saturday or for $10 each at this link.


World Cup Review

It was great to see so many KCDS members at the FEI Dressage Word Cup that was held over the past week and weekend in Omaha, NE. Isabell Werth of Germany took the title, scoring just over 90% in the Freestyle. American Laura Graves and Verdades were second with a score just over 85% and Carl Hester and his mount, Nip Tuck, rounded out the top three with just over 83%.

Click here for full results and more information.