The following are links to external information that we think is generally helpful for members and those looking to learn more about dressage and the dressage community. Please also check the "Shows and Events" tab for information on upcoming KCDS Events!

Here is a running list of barns and trainers in the area. If you are a member and would like someone added, please email 


United States Dressage Federation

USDF is the national organization that oversees and administers rules regarding dressage competitions. They also coordinate year end awards, hold an annual convention and provide resources like clinics and scholarships. The dressage tests used for shows can be accessed here. USDF also provides the Junior Rider/Young Rider program where teams from the various regions compete at National Championships, learn more here.


US Equestrian

US Equestrian (formerly USEF or United States Equestrian Federation) is the national organization that oversees all equestrian disciplines in the U.S., including medication rules and other rules governing shows. US Equestrian also has year end awards and scholarships.


USDF Region 4

USDF breaks the country into multiple regions for championship shows and ease of administration and access to resources. KCDS is part of Region 4. Region 4 also puts on many JR/YR Events and organizes the Regional JR/YR teams that compete at the National Championships. You can learn more about Region 4 events, shows, and clinics here.